Reasons to Diversify your business:
· When you offer a variety of related services, prospects are more likely to find at least one of your services they will need to purchase.
· Offering prospects more services makes them more likely to purchase a variety of services; thereby increasing the average amount of profit per job.
· Your best customers are ones who already trust you and are satisfied with your job performance. These customers will gladly purchase other diversified added services.
· Actually, there are not any added costs to market your diversified services. Just list your new services with the services you currently offer in all your advertisements.
· Diversifying your services will help produce higher profits, will eliminate slow times, will offer more potential customers, will offer more referrals, and will offer your company the growth expansion you are looking for in the future.
Building Your Business for Success!
1. Your telephone is one of the greatest money-makers of all time. Use it wisely and your business will prosper with tremendous growth. Start informing potential customers that you will be in their area giving free estimates on your cleaning services. Plus, you would like to offer a free gift, such as a Spot Pak for their time. Just 10 to 20 phone calls a day can make a dynamic difference in you business. People need to know that your company exists. Remember, every job you sell by using your phone will lead to more referrals.
2. Find time to pass out flyers, which explain the many assets of your cleaning services. Offer a coupon special to promote interest. Spend a couple hours a week to pass out your flyers door to door. 100-200 flyers per week means work!!
3. Use direct mailings such as postcards, brochures and flyers to generate interest in your customers. Remember to use an expiration date on your mailings. 100 mailers each week can add to your growing clientele. It only takes one response from each mailing to pay for the expense of each weekly mailing.
4. Contact store owners about placing your business cards on their counters. Purchase some business card holders at any Office Supply store. This will offer a professional look on any store counter.
5. Glue some magnets to 3 small containers. Place your business cards, flyers or brochures in these containers. When you park your work truck in a parking lot, driveway or any business area, place these containers on each side of your truck and the back door. This way, people can acquire free information about your business. People will notice your professionalism and the easy access for information about your company.
6. At any hardware store, you can purchase metal "For Sale" signs. Cover these signs with your own advertisement. Place these signs at the ends of the street where you are working on the job. These signs will attract the attention of on-going vehicles and neighbors who live in the area. This is a great way to inform people that you are working in their neighborhood.
7. Contact real estate brokers, insurance companies, management companies and a variety of service companies to inform them of your many diversified cleaning services. This is an opportunity to offer a rebate or an incentive to these companies that recommend your services to their customers. Paying a small fee can make a big difference in acquiring a referral base with these companies.
8. Seek out all the carpet and furniture stores in your area. Offer a special discount rate to these stores. Many customers rely on these stores for information about cleaning their fine furnishings. These stores are always looking for quality cleaning services that will help keep their customers happy. A good relationship with these stores can produce a mountain of work for your business. Sometimes a good incentive with carpet and furniture stores can lead to the best referrals in the business.
9. To acquire more commercial work, offer a free demonstration. Show these businesses that you have complete confidence in the quality workmanship you offer. Free demonstrations can really help you close a deal with your potential customers. Choose a dirty area for your demo. Clean a small area and explain your cleaning method. Inform your customers about all the attributes you offer with your cleaning. Commercial work is a perfect avenue to set up maintenance contracts. Ask questions and find out how often your customer has their furnishings cleaned. Base your estimates on how many times a year they need your services.
10. If you advertise in the yellow pages, spend your hard-earned money in the coupon section. Make your business stand out against your competition. People are coupon happy! A coupon will generate more work than the largest ad. Be a smart advertiser!
11. When advertising in the newspapers, be persistent with your ads. You are better off using smaller ads on a daily or weekly bases rather than placing one big ad per month. By being persistent with your advertising, more potential customers will see your ad. Make your advertising dollars work for you. Always use a fancy border to make your ad stand out. Be creative and use pictures, colors, and make a statement. Always use an expiration date with a coupon special! Let your customers know what you are offering and the services you render.
12. Local radio stations are an excellent way to inform people about your business and services. Sponsor a weather segment during the morning hours. This type of advertising can reach thousands of potential customers each day. These radio stations will help design an advertising format to fit your budget.
13. Join your local chamber. This is a great opportunity to meet other business people. Your local chamber will help your business grow. It can offer you a great avenue to referrals for more potential customers. Set some time aside to be a part of your community.
14. Contact local newspapers to develop a "Business of the Week" or "Business of the Month" section. Have them produce an article about your business and the many services you offer. This is a great way for newspapers to help their advertisers and to promote future advertising dollars.
15. Start using magnetic business cards or magnetic memo erasing pads with your company name and telephone number. Place these on your customers' refrigerators. These types of magnets are a sure-fire way to remind your customers to call your company back for future cleaning.
16. You can purchase uniforms. This is a great way to show your proffessional image. No matter where you are, people will always notice a person in a uniform. "Be a walking billboard!"
17. Start advertising on restaurant place mats. Some restaurants will go through 5000 to 10,000 place mats each month. When people are waiting for their food, they seem to always read those place mat ads. Make your ad stand out by making a special coupon offer!
18. Many churches will offer advertising space on their bulletins. What a great way to advertise your business each week. This is a low-cost way to advertise and also get results.
19. High school newspapers are an excellent way to advertise in different communities. Parents enjoy reading these papers to learn about all the activities going on in the school system. Your advertising space will be noticed because your ad is supporting the funds to pay for producing the high school papers.
20. Place your business cards at animal hospitals and pet stores. Wherever there are pets there are also dirty carpets.
21. Send out congratulation cards with a magnetic business card inside to all parents of new-born babies. Most newspapers will carry a new born baby list. This is a perfect way to inform new customers about your business.
22. The internet is becoming a great way to advertise your business. Put together a colorful, informative ad to attract potential customers'.
23. Movie theaters offer advertising space on their big screens. Before every movie, you will see ads from local businesses. This is absolutely a perfect way to inform a massive audience of your services. While your potential customers' are relaxed and eating popcorn, they are watching your advertisement on that gigantic screen.
24. Remember, professional image, creative marketing and keeping a positive attitude will build a successful business. Set your goals and begin to charge forward. Start using less expensive marketing ideas to build up your capital. Then proceed at a higher level to build your customer base.