Vacbrush Co is a leading manufacturer of innovative remote controlled air duct cleaning equipment and electrostatic air filters. Vacbrush supplies service contractors in the carpet care, HVAC, and air duct cleaning markets.

Vacbrush remote controlled air duct cleaning machine


Vacbrush Co Specifications
• Weight: 125 pounds
• Brush Motor: 450 RPM, 120V, AC
• Dual Vacuum Motor: 120V AC
• Shop/Vacuum Attachment Package
• 2-Stage Dual HEPA Filtration

• Width: 34 nominal
• Height: 31
• Depth: 22 nominal

Vacbrush Remote controlled Air Duct Cleaning Machine

Performance-driven and convenient for one-man handling, the Vacbrush has HEPA filtration, interchangeable 1-1/2" hoses, innovative climbing stairs rear wheels and a built-in collapsible handle for better handling up and down stairs. Designed and made specifically for air duct cleaning, the Vacbrush is the only method that power-brushes and vacuums at the same time. With the rotating drive cable contained within the vacuum hose, the Vacbrush can be snaked through the air duct all the way to the plenum. The rotating feature allows the user to clean ectangular air ducts. Right angle turns are routine, allowing for brush-vacuuming of every contacted surface, including wrinkles and crevices typical of flex duct.

Vacbrush Package   $5,500.00

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l        Innovative Vacbrush Machine   
l        2-- 401.5Complete Hose Assembly
l        1 Cable Extension1
l        38   Brushes

l        110   Brushes
l        112   Brushes
l        114   Brushes
l        118   Brushes
l        1—20   Brushes
l        125   Brushes
l        130   Brushes